The Most Awesome Sports Arenas in the World!

Although there is no true definition to the word “awesome” and what we might be able to call the most awesome sports arena in the world, there are several options. We can consider the capacity, architecture, size, historical beauty, and much more. So, when looking through the many lists that evaluate all of these factors of venues across the world we can see all of these combined:

  • Madison Square Garden
  • Fenway Park
  • Yankee Stadium
  • Wrigley Field
  • Lambeau Field
  • Rungrado 1st of May Stadium
  • Michigan Stadium
  • Beaver Stadium
  • Ohio Stadium
  • Kyle Field
  • Camp Nou
  • Wembley
  • Soccer City
  • National Stadium
  • Olympiastadion

Amazing vs. Awesome: World’s 15 Most Amazing Stadiums

Among the worldwide lists that are able to define the most awesome sports arenas we are able to read about the World’s 15 Most Amazing Stadiums showing the various beautiful and breathtaking venues from around the world for various sports. It’s amazing to see both daytime and nighttime views of some of these, with the incredible architecture that has ben used intense and beautiful lighting adding to the skyline of so many cities.

*National Stadium, Beijing, China – Product of Swiss Architecture
*National Stadium, Beijing, China – Product of Swiss Architecture

10 of the World’s Best

Another list that is incredibly broad, with an array of locations and activities included for both the athletes and crowd alike. We can look at 10 of the world’s best sports venues and see all of the amazingly beautiful and eventful locations that any traveler may visit any day of the year. One of the most interesting that I saw in this list that I never may have considered as a sports venue that would be of such intrigue is the Formula One Racetrack Circuit de Monaco, Monaco. This is a billionaire’s location, something that does not sound like the normal definition of “sport venue” by the means of the middle class American imagination.

Top 25 of All Time

There are also The Top 25 Sports Venues of All Time which include various aspects of this definition of awesome, including their appearance and

See Kaioshiung National Stadium in Taiwan, China, that looks like a serpent from this overhead view of the city.
See Kaioshiung National Stadium in Taiwan, China, that looks like a serpent from this overhead view of the city.

There are also The 20 biggest sports stadiums in the world, and those included in this list that are also part of so many of the others. It seems that some of the locations that were built to hold the largest populations also contained the greatest amount of creativity and glorious architectural development. For all different sports and all different types of fans, there are locations all over the world where a traveler could make the journey to see the biggest and best locations.


Another one of the most interesting factors about many of these locations are the fact that part of the year they will host some of the world’s championship tournaments for one sport and then many other games throughout the year, such as Wembley Stadium in London. Both one of the largest venues and one of the best overall sports venues, this stadium is only 11 years old but hosts “a multitude of events from soccer to football, rugby, concerts and more. It was the soccer arena for the 2012 Summer Olympic games and has held eight NFL games. Heavy speculation points to the Jacksonville Jaguars being relocated to London to become Europe’s first NFL team. Wembley is easily recognizable by its giant arch that spans high above the stadium.”

Wembley Stadium, London
Wembley Stadium, London